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The Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation

July 26, 2013 Leave a comment

With nearly 30 years at the helm of various departments and divisions of Sony pictures, film industry executive Jim Amos has dedicated much of his life to the art of film. An active supporter of organizations that protect, preserve, and foster the creation of cinema, Sony’s Jim Amos regularly contributes to charitable organizations affiliated with the movie business. One such organization is the Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation.

The Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation serves a number of purposes, including fundraising for the care of industry members facing illness and other hardships. In addition to assisting and honoring successful filmmakers and industry executives, the Will Rogers Motion Pictures Pioneer Foundation helps up-and-coming film enthusiasts further their educations and find their ways in a competitive market. The Bernie Myerson Scholarship Fund is one method by which the foundation helps young creatives.

A.J. Young, a cinematography student at Columbia College in Chicago, is not only the creator of many short films and music videos, but seeks to improve current HD cameras with a change in design. He was awarded a $3,000 Bernie Myerson scholarship in order to continue his studies.
Students can apply for the Bernie Myerson scholarship by visiting